Christmas Tree Toppers

Distinctive Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas tree topper is one of the most important aspects of Christmas decorations. No Christmas tree is complete without a quintessential Christmas tree topper. At V-stardust, we create the most outstanding Christmas tree toppers that fit any preference and decorating themes. We offer lighted and classical tree toppers in timeless styles, such as snowflake and star, as well as unique and unusual types. Our featured products — tree toppers made of metal, plastic, with a built-in projector and finest finishes,  are gaining popularity and greatly  contribute toward the perfect festive feel.

Tree Topper Stardust

Christmas Tree Topper by V-stardust

Diverse Themes

From traditional toppers to modern or whimsical ones, we can satisfy all preferences.

Festive Characters

Timeless shapes such as angel and star; modern styles such as floral bouquets, snowflakes, and Santa figurines.

Lighting Options

We provide tree toppers with a LED projector; automatic switching of light patterns and colors is available.


Apart from being set on the top of Xmas trees, our tree toppers can also be set on outdoor stakes and hung up on walls or windows.

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