Harvest Tabletop

Harvest Tabletop Decor Pleasing to the Eye

Fall in love with harvest decor from v-stardust!

You’ll love the way our decorations for your home party, including rustic gourd garlands, decorated pumpkins, table decor and wreaths and lighting centerpieces made from foraged materials.

Fall Wreath Stardust

Harvest Tabletop Decor Pleasing to the Eye

Beauty of Nature

We insist on using natural materials to decorate our harvest wreaths, leading to a very natural, neutral, lifelike look.

Warm Color Scheme

Using fall’s striking hues of reds, vibrant oranges, browns, and other earth tones to bring a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Plentiful Elements

Our wreaths are adorned with natural accents, including pumpkins, pinecones, apples, sunflower maple leaves, oak leaves, and greenery.

Elaborate Arrangements

The best autumn decors are the natural-looking ones. Our designers create vibrant displays infused with the beauty of nature by implementing elaborate arrangements.

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