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V-stardust offers a wide variety of wholesale home decorations, including lamps, chandeliers, lanterns, sculptures & figurines, floral centerpieces, artificial flowers & greenery, planter & terrarium. Designs range from simple and rustic to elaborate and glamorous, carrying quality that your brand can rely on.


We are dedicated to helping you exceed your customer’s expectations. Our products are produced by focusing on quality and value that ensures you can compete with major retailers and keep your repeat customers coming back for more. Have a look around and contact us, we’ll be happy to help.


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Why Choose V-stardust

Abundant Industry Professionalism

With years of experience in holiday decor and home accents, we have set up steady and lasting partnerships with trustworthy and industry-leading manufacturers. What’s more, we are adept at providing professional assistance and giving you customization proposals based on market trends and years of industry experience.

Client Orientation & Business Integrity

We faithfully stick to your requirements and give proper suggestions. To determine the sample size, we carefully study your drawing and samples and make them as a basic reference point. We are focused on supporting you with the most suitable products for your needs by continually studying the market trends and consumers’ feedback.

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